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Montego Bay is the place to be when it comes to action. Once you disembark on your journey, you’ll experience Jamaica’s incredible energy. The feeling is evoked from the moment you enter Jamaica’s port of entry and gets stronger with each moment you spend on its warm island.

Airport Sangster International is where everything begins. This top-class airport lounge provides excellent facilities and a welcoming atmosphere to assist you with a smooth arrival. Your airport transfer in Montego Bay will take you to the major resort city, which will certainly capture your heart.

You can always count on the natives here to welcome you and be part of your memorable experience here. We urge you to book a native guide with a trusted Jamaican travel company who will show you all the color and charm this beauty has got to offer!

We’ve selected some of the best things to do in Montego Bay from an incredible array of incredible options. Ask your guide to take you there or let the guide take the lead; they surely know the best!

1. Doctor’s Cave Beach

There are white sands and crystal clear, calm waters at Doctor’s Cave Beach and Bathing Club, and some believe the water is teeming with mineral springs. They claim that the water holds therapeutic properties was made by a famous British osteopathic doctor in the early 1920s, leading to a swell of visitors to Montego Bay. The beach became a tourist destination as hotels sprang up along it.

There are often cruise ship passengers on the beach, despite the entry fee, and the beach remains as popular as it has always been. Please, go snorkeling here; you will remember it for the rest of your life!

From changing rooms to souvenir shops and rental beach equipment to restaurants, everything is available here to give you memories you will want to look back at every day!

You can go snorkeling at Cornwall Beach just next door if you want fewer people to share your beach experience with. It has white sand and turquoise water and is right on the doorstep of Doctor’s Cave.

2. Rose Hall Great House

Who doesn’t love a little horror story? And, how about a famous ancient witches story? Doesn’t everybody love these! Well, our next stop is about a witchy witch.

Rose Hall Great House, a restored plantation house built in 1770, faces the ocean a mere 20 minutes from Montego Bay. A legend claims that Annie Palmer (the White Witch of Rose Hall) ruled here with cruelty and had the power to bind her husband to death with black magic.

On a guided tour of her home, you can see a collection of furniture from the era. There are plenty of unique things to do in Montego Bay, but if you want to up the excitement level, the candlelit night tour of this house is a great choice. The White Witch is said to have wandered through the Great House at Night!

3. Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

Do you enjoy nature, bird watching, or photography? Rocklands Bird Sanctuary won’t disappoint. Guests can observe, photograph, and hand-feed birds of exotic and endemic species at this delightful family-run attraction.
A bottle of nectar, birdseed, and a comfortable place to sit await guests upon arrival. You see hummingbirds flying straight to the bottles, perching on your finger, and other birds flocking to eat the seeds.

Among the numerous bird species, you will see here are Jamaican orioles and bananaquits, and make sure to observe Jamaica’s national bird, the regal long-tailed doctor bird.

Rocklands will take you about 30 minutes to reach with a taxi service in Montego Bay Resort District by way of a rugged, twisting road.

4. Sam Sharpe Square

Sam Sharpe Square is a stark, earthy reminder of Jamaica’s turbulent past. A slave and local Baptist pastor, Sharpe, advocated passive resistance as a means of forcing the planters to comply with emancipation.

Charles Square was the site of Sharpe’s hanging. Sam Sharpe Square was named after him after he was made a National Hero after independence. It’s a hub for street vendors and traffic today, but most sightseeing tours visit the square.

Also in the square stands the Cage, a jail constructed as an overnight holding area for runaway slaves, disorderly sailors, and vagrants in 1806.

Samuel Sharpe served as pastor at Burchell Memorial Church, built-in 1824 two blocks east of the square. His ashes are interred in the church vault.

The Takeaway!

There are tons of reasons to visit Montego Bay, a booming cruise ship port and a tourist hot spot for value-conscious visitors. Planning a trip? Let Travel Together Tours Jamaica help you.

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